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Avalanche FAQ

Staking AVAX currently has no slashing penalties for misbehavior. Future Avalanche subnets will be able to set their own slashing penalties.

A minimum of 25 AVAX is required to start delegating to an AVAX validator.
To spin up your own validator, you must stake a minimum of 2,000 AVAX. Contact us to spin up your own dedicated AVAX validator.

Bloq infrastructure is non-custodial and allows you to stake your AVAX while retaining control. At no point does Bloq hold your private keys nor will Bloq have access to withdraw the staked AVAX.

There are no bonding or unbonding periods for staking your AVAX, however when delegating AVAX, your tokens will remain locked for the selected staking period – between 2 weeks and 1 year, at your discretion.

 The Avalanche network currently features three built-in blockchains:

All three blockchains are validated and secured by all Avalanche validators, referred to as the Primary Network. Currently, staking is only available on the Primary Network. Learn more about Avalanche subnets and the Primary Network.

To stake AVAX through the Bloq API, visit the official Bloq documentation to get started.

For more information on staking AVAX, visit the official Avalanche staking documentation.

Bloq Validator Addresses

Avalanche Mainnet Node ID:



Head to If you do not already have an Avalanche wallet, you may create one or import an existing wallet. Tip: Safely store your mnemonic key to access your wallet at a future time.


Fund your C-Chain AVAX Wallet and transfer it to the P-Chain (send AVAX to C-Chain address from exchange of your choosing and transfer to P-Chain using the ‘Cross Chain’ tab in Avalanche Wallet).


Once your AVAX is on the P-Chain, navigate to the ‘Earn’ tab and select ‘ADD DELEGATOR’ to nominate the Bloq Node.


Enter Bloq’s Node ID into the search bar and click ‘Select’ to delegate your tokens


After selecting the appropriate Bloq Node ID, select the desired parameters for the following screen; Staking End Date, Stake Amount, Reward Address. Learn more about these parameters on Avalanche official staking documentation.


“Bloq excels at delivering reliable infrastructure that underpins powerful decentralized applications. That expertise, combined with Avalanche’s ability to set new benchmarks for speed, throughput, and decentralization on blockchains, will help individual developers and enterprises build a new wave of products and services on Avalanche.”

Kevin Sekniqi, Co-founder and COO, Ava Labs

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