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Tezos FAQ

If a validator double signs (known as “double baking’”) and signs different blocks at the same level and same round) or double (pre)endorses and votes on two different proposals at the same level and round, a part of the frozen deposit (10% of a validator’s total baked XTZ) is slashed. The slashed amount for double baking is 640 XTZ. The slashed amount for double (pre)endorsing is ½ of the frozen deposit. There are no penalties for inactivity (downtime) for baking Tezos.

Bloq infrastructure is non-custodial and allows you to stake your XTZ while retaining control. At no point does Bloq hold your private keys nor will Bloq have access to withdraw the staked XTZ.

There is no minimum to delegate to a XTZ validator. To spin up your own validator (self-bake), you must stake a minimum of 6,000 XTZ. Contact us to spin up your own dedicated XTZ validator.

Staking XTZ has no lock-up or unbonding period. You are free to withdraw and trade your tokens at your discretion.

For more information on staking XTZ, visit the Tezos Developer Resources.

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