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The primary and significant risk factor is if the user’s private key is compromised or misplaced (BloqStake is a non-custodial staking solution and does not hold the private keys). In the event that your node is offline during a scheduled block minting, and subsequently fails to fulfill its duties, you risk losing the opportunity to earn rewards for that particular block. Staking BNB currently has no slashing penalties for misbehavior.

Bloq infrastructure is non-custodial and allows you to stake your BNB while retaining control. At no point does Bloq hold your private keys nor will Bloq have access to withdraw the staked BNB.

A minimum of 1 BNB is required to start delegating to a BNB validator. To spin up your own validator, you must stake a minimum of 10,000 BNB. Contact us to spin up your own dedicated BNB validator.

When delegating, redelegating, or undelegating BNB, a minimum lock time of 7 days is imposed. Once this time period has passed, you are free to transfer your BNB to other addresses or perform other operations on the network without any restrictions.

For more information on staking BNB, visit the BNB Chain documentation.

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