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Bloq Validator Addresses

Solana Mainnet Network Validator Address:



Navigate to Ensure your wallet is loaded with the SOL tokens you wish to stake.

Tip: Always keep enough SOL in your main wallet to pay any future transaction fees.


Select ‘Staking’ in the main navigation bar and ‘Native SOL Staking’ in the subsequent screen. Choose ‘START STAKING.’


Enter the amount of SOL you want to use to fund your stake account. Copy and paste the Bloq validator address and click ‘STAKE.’ 


Confirm your transaction by clicking ‘CONFIRM’ in the pop-up window. Your staked SOL should now appear as ‘LOADING’ and will soon become ‘ACTIVE’.

Solana FAQ

As of August 2022, slashing has yet to be implemented and deployed. Once slashing is implemented, stakers will risk losing tokens when staking SOL if the validator behaves maliciously. Delegators may be slashed up to 100% if their delegated validator creates invalid transactions or censors certain types of transactions or network participants. Read more about the associated risks of staking Solana and the slashing roadmap.

A minimum of 0.1 SOL is required to start delegating to a SOL validator.
To spin up your own validator and start earning rewards, you must stake a minimum of 50,000 SOL. Contact us to spin up your own dedicated SOL validator.

Bloq infrastructure is non-custodial and allows you to stake your SOL while retaining control. At no point does Bloq hold your private keys nor will Bloq have access to withdraw the staked SOL.

The Solana network has a bonding/unbonding period of 48 hours (~one epoch).

For more information on staking SOL, visit the official Solana staking documentation.

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